Mistaken use of Asia Atlantic Aircraft Image and Logo

Asia Atlantic Airlines has become aware that a news bulletin on GMM Channel One Television that was on air at approximately 23:30 on Wednesday 23rd February 2016, erroneously showed an image of an Asia Atlantic aircraft while the news reader was reporting that City Airways was facing financial difficulties. This careless reporting has been interpreted by some members of the travel industry and public as linking Asia Atlantic Airlines with the financial difficulties faced by City Airways and the withdrawal of operating approval by the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand (CAAT).
Asia Atlantic Airlines is not associated in any way with City Airways nor is it associated with any other airlines the CAAT recently announced as facing financial difficulties resulting in the withdrawal of their operating licences.
Asia Atlantic Airlines is affiliated with the Japanese travel industry leader H.I.S. together with its partner company HIS Thailand and prominent Thai hotel operator Baiyoke Group and as such will continue to offer the Thai travel industry and its clients safe and affordable travel opportunities both within the region and beyond.